Saturday, 11 August 2012

Technic carnival nail polish review.

I've been lusting after a similar nail polish for so long and as soon as I saw this nail polish I knew it had to be mine! I love the colours in the nail polish and it applied great. I firstly tried it on colours (which didn't look great) then onto clear nails which I didn't really like at first but now i love them. I paid £2.20 (including p+p) from eBay but you can get it from Lovethymakeup for £1.25, such a good nail polish to invest in.

The nail polish looks great on its own (I used just 1 coat but 2 or more coats would look better) or on top of colour, I personally love it on Black. Swatches coming soon!

Love Alex 


  1. I ordered this a couple of days ago, cannot wait! Looks fab :-) xx

    1. Its a great nail polish to have in any collection! looks great on its or on colour, i loved it on black :) hope you like it xx


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