Saturday, 18 August 2012

New Look Holiday Hop Competition (heavy post).

I recently found this competition over at Daisy Butter and I thought it would be great to try as I enjoyed the House Of Fraser and ASOS challenges so much.

So to enter, all you have to do is the following -
Imagine you are going to Ibiza for a long weekend. Create a post on your blog stating which items from the New Look store you would wear to complete each of the following outfits on your holiday. You have 5 outfits for 5 occasions, so which items would you wear and why? 
Choose from: Travel Style, Poolside, Beach It, Sunset Supper, Beach to Club.

 Here's my entry's (I'm doing all 5 as I couldn't choose which outfit to do)...

Here's my first look which I would wear traveling, I've never been abroad before so I did struggle putting together this outfit, I initially thought of wearing skinny jeans and a t-shirt but then thought the jeans may be to restricting on a plane, so I went for a cute print dress you could wear again on holiday. If the British weather was cold before leaving i'd pair the outfit with either nude or black tights too which could easily be stored in the bag once I hit Ibiza. 

After choosing the dress I then chose the bag and shoe's. I went for a big bag as it could fit any aeroplane essential i.e ipod, book(s), magazines, tablet etc. For the shoes I went with creeper styled pumps, I thought would look great with the dress and also be comfortable too, as most of the time in airports your just standing around waiting.

Jewellery, personally I don't own a lot but thought the bracelet would be a nice addition to any outfit. Its pretty small so it won't be annoying on the flight and lastly, the sunglasses were mainly for when I arrive in Ibiza and the sun is blazing. I get headaches a lot in the sun so they're essential for me.

Finally, I would finish the outfit off with very neutral make-up and hair down but with fringe back using the Alice band.

For my second look, poolside I went with a simple Navy striped bikini with a Navy Maxi dress to cover it. I then chose the shoes, I went with simple black sandals which could be paired with another outfit. 

I then chose the bag, which I love! Its pretty simple but it could look great with any outfit. Lastly, the sunglasses and hairband were purely for personal choice. As I said before I get headaches when its hot so sunglasses are a must and for £1 you can't go wrong. I also hate my hair down when its hot too so I chose the hairband to have my hair up in a ponytail or messy bun.

I would finish this outfit with a little mascara and lots of suncream!

For my beach look I first chose the bikini, I love the design and it would be perfect for strolling around the beach. I then chose the top which I think would look great over the bikini as they're quite similar, just different colours. The shorts are my favourite from this post, I'm a huge lover of shorts and wear them all year round. These shorts look so comfortable and would be lovely for the beach.

For the shoes, I chose Keds pumps as I've never been a lover of sandals or flip-flops (I don't like having my toes out) and pumps would be great to just slip off on the beach.

To finish this outfit i'd wear minimal make-up and hair up in a messy ponytail.

I adore this outfit so much and I'd love to wear it! I firstly chose the dress, which I thought would be great as it's floaty meaning I wouldn't get too warm wearing it, then I thought I'd go simple with the bag,  wedges, belt and cuff by just using Black and Gold accents. The Mel wedges are my favourites, they're so different and I love the plastic look of them.

I love that this outfit could be worn again away from a holiday either for a night out or wedding with more neutral colours.

To top this outfit off id wear neutral make-up and hair maybe curly.

For the Beach to Club outfit I think I struggled the most. I firstly chose a plain black bikini, Pink tunic, bag and sandals (from pervious poolside post) for the beach. I also made sure that the bag would be big enough to fit a dress and shoes inside for the club. For the club I chose a Black with tribal print dress with Black/Silver belt and worn with the sandals  To finish this outfit I'd do simple hair and make-up and nude nails.

I've had so much fun doing this competition and I hope my lovely followers enjoy reading!

Love Alex 


  1. I love the first 2 read dresses :) all the things are nice but the dresses are extra nice haha. If only I had lots of money ;)

    Can I ask how you make a wishlist? I see them on lots of peoples blogs but Ive never made one for mine! xox

    My Blog : The Style Khaleesi

    1. Me too! I love new look far too much, if i could buy the whole store I would hehe. Do you mean what programe? I use Photoshop CS5, resize then place them :) I love doing wishlists. Even if I can never afford any of them aha. You should really do some, they're great at making. Love your blog by the way :D xox

  2. I love all the accessories you picked for each outfit - that LOVE bracelet is kind of of awesome. It's actually really awesome seeing what everyone else picked by going through the entries which I have been doing. It's funny how some things keep popping up again and again.

    1. Thank-you much, if im honest I really struggled with this challenge and i know right? x

  3. Wow, those are very awesome outfits, nice combinations as well, I also participate in the contest, feel free to check out my entry on
    Greetings from Bulgaria! :)))

  4. Hey Alex! :)
    We thought you might be interested in our bloggers style competition to win a summer holiday outfit worth £200 from
    You can find the details here >
    Best wishes,
    Braintree Clothing x

  5. Your blog is amazing, I love it.
    1. The images put together of outfit choices.
    2. When I see the items in these images and I have the items - makes me very happy.
    Keep up the good work.

    Ruby x x x


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