Sunday, 26 August 2012

Sunday wishlist #10.


How cute is this Ted Baker French bulldog bag?! I already own a Ted Baker bag but I rarely use it as its red, I adore both pait of shoes too. I cannot wait to buy a pair of studded creepers. I've also been meaning to buy MUA Primer for a while as I've heard amazing things about it.

Love Alex 


  1. great wishlist

  2. It certainly does suck not having a job, I really hate having no social life! I've never really used a primer, so I would like to give MUA primer a go, mainly because I've heard a lot of good things about it :) I'm definitely a new follower :)
    - Kirsty

    1. i hate not being able to do anything :( luckily my boyfriend is treating me next week to cheer me up, its gotten me so down recently but things can only get better i guess. I can't wait to try the primer, ive heard so much about it. Thank-you so much for following, love your blog :) xo


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