Sunday, 19 August 2012

Blog of the week ♡ Nelipott.

I've been at a little bit of a loss of what to post recently as i don't have any new outfit post's as I have no new items to show you all or anything interesting to tell you all, so while thinking I thought i'd tell you all my favourite blog of the week and continue to do so every week.

Jayde's blog is probably my favourite out of all the blogs i follow, I love how varied her blog is and how genuine her posts sound, I'm always really interested by her posts too and I could just sit and read her blog all day. I first noticed Jayde on her original tumblr (jaydeygaga) which she deleted but she finally remade and you can all see her tumblr here

I love the layout of Jayde's blog, it's so simple and pretty (which im really jealous of) and her posts are always so well written and have such a homely feeling when reading. You can also find Jayde on twitter (which I really think shows her personality much more).

Love Alex 


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