Sunday, 19 August 2012

10 day "you" challenge.

Six places.
  1. My house - as noisy and hectic it is sometimes it'll always be my favourite place.
  2. My grandparents house - I love my grandparents house so much, I have the fondest memories there, like just sitting in the back garden picking acorns from the big tree or just snuggling with my nan while watching TV.
  3. Rome - Rome is one of the most beautiful cities and I'd love to go at somepoint. I'd love to just spend my days wondering around the city, taking in all the breathtaking beauty.
  4. Italy - I've never been to Italy but It's where I want to go most in the world, my best friend has relatives there and goes almost every year (so jealous).
  5. My bed - I have the best bed in the world! It's pretty squeaky and old but so comfy.
  6. Gigs/concert - I love nothing more than being at a gig and feeling the music go through your entire body.
Love Alex 

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