Saturday, 18 August 2012

10 day "you" challenge.

Seven wants.

This one will be so easy for me! I'm forever finding new items I want but can never afford :( I'll be doing this like one of my wishlists, so here goes.

I thought i'd do a list of less materialistic wants too.
  1. A JOB! - I've been out of work for so long and it's starting to really get me down. I just wish someone would employ me.
  2. To feel more comfortable around people - I feel so awkward when I'm in public places and i'd love to feel more comfortable around my boyfriend's parents too but I guess it'll just take time.
  3. A kitty - I never used like cats but seeing so many bloggers and their kitty's has me really jealous aha.
  4. To own my own place - I cannot wait til the day I officaly leave home, as much as I love my parents house it's so noisy and hectic. I'd love to have my own little place for me and Ben that I can decorate.
  5. To be have more friends - As I said in previous post I don't really have any proper friends, hopefully getting a job will help resolve it.
  6. Born This Way ball tickets - It sucks that gaga isnt coming to Sheffield on her tour and I wish I had money to travel.
  7. The Harry Potter books - I really regret that I didn't read the books before I saw the movies but I guess I have plenty of time to read them.

What would be in your wants list?

Love Alex 

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